NFL Week 18 Bettors Guide: Goliaths aren’t going into the end of the season games on a victory


1 p.m., Dolphins by 1, 38

HANK’S HONEYS: Which spiraling group is more awful off? The Dolphins can in any case have sensible trump card prospects as long as they win, requiring the Bills to beat the Nationalists, while the Planes, who looked so encouraging quite recently, are finished for the year. Skylar Thompson begins at QB for Miami behind a beat up line and luckily for him, he doesn’t need to do much in light of the fact that the Planes offense is that terrible, even with Mike White who is clearly not near 100 percent. The Dolphins safeguard, ignited by LB Elandor Roberts, falls off a decent execution in Foxboro and on the off chance that it gets a couple of players back, will be the distinction creator. Not certain in the event that Robert Saleh can get his young collaborate to be spoilers.

IF I Had a little money to burn: Dolphins and the under.

Monsters at Falcons
4:25 p.m., Birds by 14, 42 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: It is basically impossible that the Falcons are two scores better compared to the Monsters regardless of who’s playing for what this week. We don’t know whether Brian Daboll will rest anybody, yet the Monsters, who are 2-4-1 SU over the last seven games, need to go into the end of the season games playing great, not on a victory. With every one of their wounds, the Hawks aren’t the very group that ran roughshod over the association for a considerable length of time. Jalen Damages’ return will be a lift and they unquestionably need the first-round bye to get solid and they ought to get the success. However, we’ll take any season finisher bound group with 14 places.

IF I Had money to burn: Goliaths and the over.

TITANS at Pumas
Saturday, 8:15 p.m., Pumas by 6 ½, 40

HANK’S HONEYS: Trevor Lawrence and the Pumas are having some fantastic luck yet the inquiry is whether they can win easily against a veteran group that has been in this sort of game previously. The Titans are going with Joshua Dobbs at QB and they won’t get a lot of out of their passing game so everything revolves around Derrick Henry, the person the Panthers have never sorted out some way to stop. Henry, as well as a few beat up starters, passed on last week’s pointless game so he’s very much refreshed. Not so for the Pumas, who would prefer to have played on Sunday. The dropoff from Malik Willis to Dobbs isn’t so a lot, if by any stretch of the imagination. Dobbs looked somewhat agreeable against the Ranchers.

The odds being what they are: Titans and the under.

Jaguars at Holy people
1 p.m., Holy people by 3 ½, 41 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: Despite the fact that the Jaguars blew their opportunities to win the division, they actually have something for which to play — Steve Wilks’ work. Wilks turned that group around after the terminating of Matt Rhule notwithstanding the exchanging of Christian McCaffrey and his players will clarify that they need him back the following year. They ought to get that running match-up proceeding to wear out the Holy people both intellectually and genuinely. Plus, how might the Holy people be giving in excess of a field objective with that offense? They’ve scored in excess of 21 focuses just a single time since Week 9.

The odds being what they are: Jaguars and the under.

1 p.m., Steelers by 2 ½, 40

HANK’S HONEYS: The Steelers’ protection has permitted 17 or less focuses for six straight weeks and that streak is probably going to go on here as the Steelers go for their eighteenth consecutive home success against the Tans. Nobody has been running on these folks and that would put the game on Deshaun Watson’s shoulders. Best of luck with that. Kenny Pickett, in the mean time, has been coming up enormous in the grasp and has the whole group accepting. The Steelers’ season finisher chances are especially alive and you know Mike Tomlin will have them prepared. Could Kevin Stefanski at any point expect that sort of exertion from his group in what makes certain to be his last game in charge?

IF I Had money to burn: Steelers and the under.

Nationalists at BILLS
1 p.m., Bills by 7 ½, 42 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: The feelings that the Bills let out watching Damar Hamlin go into heart failure will be placed on the field as they play for their colleague. You should rest assured. That will be particularly valid for Hamlin’s guarded mates as they go facing a frequently useless offense. The Taps haven’t had numerous great wins of late, beating the Planes two times, the Foals and the Cardinals throughout recent weeks. They are 0-4 against groups who have secured season finisher spots, permitting a normal of 29 ppg, and are 1-5 ATS in their last six games.

IF I Had money to burn: Bills and the under.

1 p.m., Bengals by 6 ½, 42

HANK’S HONEYS: The Bengals’ storage space is separated about playing subsequent to watching Damar Hamlin breakdown Monday night so it’s most likely shrewd to simply avoid this one. Taking a gander at it according to a football viewpoint, notwithstanding, the Ravens’ offense has been non-existent since Lamar Jackson’s physical issue and it seems he’ll be feeling the loss of another here. Really impressive, they won’t hold down Joe Tunnel and they simply need more weapons to match him in any type of shootout.

The odds being what they are: Bengals and the under.

CHARGERS at Horses
4:25 p.m., Chargers by 3, 40 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: The Chargers have been stepping lesser rivalry. They will play their starters to secure in the No. 5 seed and with the line so little, the indirect access isn’t extremely large. Russell Wilson and the Mustangs answered well to the terminating of Nathaniel Hackett by playing the Bosses extreme yet that pattern doesn’t typically extend per second week. The Chargers’ pass safeguard is magnificent and in the event that Wilson gets back to his striving ways, the Mustangs don’t have a running match-up. The Bolts got their running match-up rolling last week and will probably attempt to move that along here. Joined with the Mustangs’ low-scoring offense, that makes this a solid under pick.

IF I Had money to burn: Chargers and the under.

4:25 p.m., Seahawks by 6 ½, 41 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: The Rams had some lively play under Bread cook Mayfield however that ran out against the Chargers. With a drained list and a hopeless season behind them, we don’t see them setting up a very remarkable battle or having the option to exploit an unremarkable Seattle protection. Subsequent to winning the Super Bowl last season, playing spoiler won’t get the high as can be. For the Seahawks, it’s success and pause. They played alright in a must-win spot against the Planes last week to back them here.

IF I Had money to burn: Seahawks and the over.

8:20 p.m., Packers by 4 ½, 49 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: The issue here is that the Lions will be wiped out by the opening shot time assuming the Seahawks beat the Rams before in the day. That would leave them in a spoiler roll with the Packers in a success and they’re in situation. Yet, guess what? Dan Campbell has had his group contending energetically the entire year and on the off chance that they can’t be in the end of the season games, they will attempt to ensure they bring the Packers down with them. The Packers have won four in succession yet there have been great conditions in every one of them. Indeed, even with Aaron Rodgers and Lambeau Field and ideal time and every one of, the Lions are more than fit for getting a TD lead and keeping this nearby.

The odds being what they are: Lions and the over.

Bosses at Thieves
Saturday, 4:30 p.m., Bosses by 7 ½, 52 ½

HANK’S HONEYS: This is genuinely an extreme one to figure. The Bosses, probably, are playing for the No. 1 seed, yet however much these groups detest one another, that doesn’t mean the Thieves will set down. Jarrett Stidham made you can’t help thinking about why he wasn’t beginning once again Derek Carr the entire season last week however might he at any point rehash it? The Pillagers love blowing twofold digit leads yet that normally implies that they cover, particularly moving past a TD. In the interim, while the Bosses have claimed their division, they have six straight AFC West misfortunes ATS.

CAN’T HELP YOURSELF? Thieves and the under.

TEXANS at Foals
1 p.m., Foals by 2 ½, 38

The odds being what they are: Foals and the under.

BUCS at Hawks
1 p.m., Hawks by 4, 40 ½

The odds being what they are: Bucs and the under.

4:25 p.m., Vikings by 4, 43 ½

The odds being what they are: Vikings and the under.

4:25 p.m., Niners by 14, 40

The odds being what they are: 49ers and the over.

Cattle rustlers at Officers
4:25 p.m., Cattle rustlers by 5 ½, 41

The odds being what they are: Cattle rustlers and the under.

WEEK’S Smartest option: Steelers. The drape falls.


By and large: 112-138-5 ATS, 129-123-3 OVER/UNDER

Smartest choices: 10-7

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