World Cup win increments prize cash for American men, ladies

The U.S. ladies’ group will make something like multiple times more from the men’s Reality Cup than they got for winning the 2019 ladies’ competition, because of another arrangement to part World Cup income.

A 1-0 win by the men over Iran on Tuesday night expanded their Reality Cup prize cash to roughly $380,000 for every player in the crew.

Similar applies to players on the U.S. list for the 2023 Ladies’ Reality Cup in view of the new aggregate haggling arrangements between the U.S. Soccer League and the people’s associations.

Under those arrangements, 90% of the World Cup prize cash paid by world soccer body FIFA to the USSF will be pooled and shared similarly between the players on the current year’s men’s Reality Cup list and the following year’s Ladies’ Reality Cup program.

Men’s programs were expanded to 26 this year, and the size of lists for the following year’s Ladies’ Reality Cup as of now is recorded as 23 in FIFA’s regulatons. On the off chance that ladies’ programs likewise are expanded to 26 for every crew, the award cash share for every player would come to $380,769.

The American ladies’ gotten a $110,000 reward for winning the 2019 World Cup.

FIFA is granting $440 million in prize cash to the 32 countries at the current year’s Reality Cup. It granted $30 million for the 24 groups at the 2019 Ladies’ Reality Cup.

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