Threatening charge dropped against Bengals’ Joe Mixon, blamed for undermining lady at gunpoint

An exasperated threatening charge against Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon was excused Friday morning.

Mixon, 26, had been blamed for undermining a lady at gunpoint on Jan. 21 in midtown Cincinnati. The charge was documented Thursday.

At a Friday early daytime hearing, Cincinnati investigators requested the excusal, the Cincinnati Enquirer detailed. The supposed casualty concurred with the move, examiners told Judge Terse Kissinger. The charge can be refiled.

Mixon’s representative said police were in a “hurry to judgment” when they documented the charge.
A lady let specialists know that Mixon threatened to use a weapon on her and said, “You ought to be popped in the face. I ought to shoot you, the police [can’t] get me,” as per charging records.

The occurrence purportedly happened one day before the Bengals played the Bison Bills in the NFL end of the season games. The Bengals dominated that match in Bison prior to losing in the following round.

In 2014, while at the College of Oklahoma, Mixon was discovered on camera hitting a lady upside the head at an eatery. The lady was likewise an Oklahoma understudy at that point.

Mixon, then, at that point, 18, entered an Alford request, in which a litigant doesn’t concede culpability yet recognizes there is adequate proof for a conviction. He got a conceded prison sentence and local area administration.

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